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Xavier Luri:

"Per quč serveix l'exploració a l'espai?"

Astronomy on the radio and TV

X. Luri
  • Date: 13/09/2018
  • By: Xavier Luri, Institut de Cičncies del Cosmos (ICCUB [IEEC-UB])
  • Programme: "Els matins" de TV3.

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  • Language: Ca


The ICCUB director Xavier Luri was interviewed by the main TV magazine on catalan TV channel TV3. The science section of today’s program was about answering the question “Why do we explore space?”. Within the section, hosted by the journalist Dani Arbós, the invited expert to answer this question was Xavier Luri, who explained many of the useful applications that the technologies developed to allow space exploration have nowadays.

“One of the most well-known uses of the space technology that is common in our daily lives are the apps related to location, or the meteorological ones, since both work with satellite information.” declared the ICCUB director answering to the main question of the section.

Many other interesting matters have been discussed during the interview, such as the possibility of the human exploration of other planets. Click to hear the full section and the interview.

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