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ServiAstro has been offering information and has been webcasting astronomical events of interest - as well as those visible from Catalonia - since 2003. This is the result of our work:

Total Lunar Eclipse (21st January 2019)

On 21st January there was a Total Lunar eclipse. It will be visible from central Pacific, Americas, Europe and Africa.

ServiAstro live webcasted the event but due to the fog the broadcast couldn't be completed.

Total Lunar Eclipse (28 September 2015)

The night from 27 to 28 of September there was a total lunar eclipse visible from Spain.

A great cloudless sky allows us to observe all the phases of the eclipse and to broadcast it. At the gallery you can find the sequences and compositions we could do with the images. From Barcelona


Web of the event

Solar Eclipse (20th March 2015)

On Friday 20 March 2015 there was a Total Solar Eclipse visible from Catalonia as partial. The eclipse began its journey to the North Atlantic and advance, culminating on the Faroe Islands and then going to Svalbard. In the rest of Europe will be a partial eclipse. In Iceland, Scotland and Norway partiallity will be higher than 90%. From Barcelona

MG 9396.JPG

WP 20150320 004.jpg
Web of the event

Transit of Venus (5-6 June 2012)

The transit was not visible everywhere on Earth. Depending on the altitude of the Sun in a place during the event, the transit was enterily, partially or not at all visible. From Svalbard Islands and from Barcelona

Images from Svalbard

vt5 eherrero.jpg
Images from Barcelona

Web of the event

Total Lunar Eclipse (15th June 2011)

On wednesday 15th June 2011 a total lunar eclipse will be partially visible from the whole Iberian Peninsula and both Balearic and Canary Islands. The Moon will rise completely eclipsed. We will be able to observe part of the totality phase (the more the further East) and the subsequent partiality phase, until the moon leaves the Earth's shadow. In the Balearic Islands and in some places Northeast of the Peninsula, the Moon will rise a few minutes before the start of the totality. The rise of the Moon will coincide with the sunset, so part of the totality will be observed on the twilight. From Barcelona


Web of the event

Partial Solar Eclipse (4th January 2011)

From Barcelona


IMG 6913.jpg
Web of the event

Total Solar Eclipse(1st August 2008)

On 1st August 2008, there was a total Sun eclipse, whose visibility stripe started in Canada and ended in China, passing close to the north pole, through Siberia and Mongolia.

A team of ServiAstro travelled to Yiwu in China, near to the Mongolian frontier, to live webcast the event via satellite, repeating the 2006 experience in Egypt.

Though we had some technical problems and clouds were menacing the project, at the end we were able to accomplish our aim and offer the whole eclipse. We also managed to obtain some spectacular images of the total-eclipse moment. Go to the gallery of the Total Solar Eclipse on 1st August 2008, taken from China .


Web of the event

Total Lunar Eclipse (21st February 2008)

By the early hours of the 21st February in 2008, there was a Total Lunar Eclipse visible from Barcelona. Circumstances where similar to the ones we had on the 2007 eclipse, but the it happened later in the night.

Finally, Barcelona's sky, which had been cloudy during the whole day and seemed to have cleared just for the eclipse, ended up covered, making it impossible to finish the live webcast. Go to the gallery of the Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st February 2008 from Barcelona.


Web of the event

Total Lunar Eclipse (3rd March 2007)

  • Centre of totality of the Total Lunar Eclipse on 3rd March 2007, as seen from Barcelona
    Credits: ServiAstro (DAM).
The night from the 3rd to the 4th March 2007 a Total Lunar Eclipse was visible from Spain at a time quite adequate for observation. Totality ended at 00:57 of 4th.

Weather, in that occasion, was excellent and the webcast was a complete success. Furthermore, thanks to a collaboration with a dutch web page specialized in broadcasting astronomical events ( Astronet), our images were demanded more than a million times by people from all around the world. From Barcelona


Web of the event

Total Solar Eclipse (29th March 2006)

On 29th March 2006 a Total Solar Eclipse took place. It was observable from a narrow corridor which crossed Africa from South to North and from West to East.

From Catalonia, this event was observable just as a partial eclipse, and ServiAstro faced the challenge of webcasting it from 2 points simultaneously: from Barcelona, as we had done in other occasions, and from Egypt, in a completely new way for us: using a satellite.

Both broadcasts were completely successfull, though the clouds which posed a serious difficulty for us in Barcelona. In the other way around, in Egypt the sky remained completly clear during the whole event.

Images from Egipt

Images from Barcelona

Web of the event

Annular Solar Eclipse (3rd October 2005)

This eclipse was a wonderfull chance to offer an unbelievable show through the web and to enjoy it live: the annularity corredor crossed the Iberian Peninsula from Northwest to Southeast, passing near Madrid and just over Bicorp village, in Valencia, among others. Formentera also was into the stripe, but the Moon and the Sun never arrived to a perfect alignment from there and so the ring stripe wasn't regular from Formentera. From Barcelona, the eclipse was seen as a partial.

Apart from the clouds which appeared in Formentera, everything was perfect, as can be seen in each of the 3 galleries we obtained:

Images from Bicorp/Quesa (València)

Images from Formentera

Images from Barcelona

Web of the event

Transit of Venus (8th June 2004)

The last Transit of Venus had taken place 122 years ago! Nobody on Earth had observed a Transit of Venus before!

Transits of Venus have been, historically, of a great importance, due to they were for centuries the best method to compute the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

This time we collaborated with the PAM, and so we have three galleries. Although some clouds were present during the first half of the event, we could broadcast it completely.

Images from Barcelona (Webcam) complet disc

Images from Barcelona (CCD) detail

imatgeAger 16.jpg
Images from Àger (Webcam) complet disc

imatgeBCNccd 137.jpg

Web of the event

Total Lunar Eclipse (4th May 2004)

It was the first time we faced the challenge of webcasting an astronomical event like this. We chose a webcam to offer images very often..., to build a great gallery.

Images from Barcelona

logo cat.jpg
Web of the event

Transit of Mercury (7th May 2003)

Lower planets (Mercury and Venus), being nearer to the Sun than the Earth, can pass between it and us. This phenomenon is not produced yearly, as a consequence of the different inclinations of the orbit of each planet and, in fact, is very strange in the case of Venus. When it takes place, from the Earth, a shadow is seen to cross the disc of the Sun.

The Transit of Mercury was the first time we webcast an astronomical event! And although the bad weather we suffered, we could obtain some good images.

transit composicio.jpg
Images from Barcelona

Web of the event

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