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Astronomy in Physis 2016

Physis 2016 ( 13 -17 June 2016)

Astronomy activities in the summer campus Physis 2016 (13 -17 June 2016):

fisica physis16.jpg

Planary talks:

- "Cosmologia 101: un univers en continu creixement" (15/06/2016)

Dr.Josep M Solanes

- "Ondas gravitatorias" (17/06/2016)

by: Dr. Roberto Emparan

Place: Aula Magna "Enric Casassas"

Time:de 9.30 a 10.30 h

Practical activities:

"Astronomia: explorant l'univers"

Guided by José Luís Bernal, Víctor Moreno de la Cita, Ignasi Pérez-Ràfols, i Núria Torres

Date/Time: Fom monday to friday, 11:00-13:30 horas

Place: laboratories Physics faculty

Registration: 2-27 May 2016

With the aim of bringing pre-university students closer to Physics, the Physics Faculty of the University of Barcelona organizes its usual Physics Summer Camp "Physis" for 1st High school year students.

Physis 2016 consists of five morning sessions in which participants attend plenary lectures and outreach work experience with active participation in small groups in the laboratories of our center.

The campus program is developed exclusively by teachers of different departments and research institutes of the Physics Faculty at the UB.

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