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Extra material for the exhibition "Unravelling deep universe"

5th poster: The many dark sides of the universe

Exhibition main page

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05 DarkSide en 1000.jpg


mŕxim Simulations of the evolution of matter
On the Rob Crain’s vimeo page you can find several cool movies showing the evolution of matter (including dark matter) and the formation of structure in the universe. These are actual computer simulations performed by actual scientists, they are not an artist’s impression. Most of these visualisations derived from the EAGLE project.
mŕxim The EAGLE project
The EAGLE project is a campaign of large-scale hydrodynamical simulations of the Lambda-Cold Dark Matter universe, run by the Virgo Consortium.
mŕxim Dark side of the Universe, Scientific American Frontiers, on the Discovery channel
A documentary describing how we got to know about the existence of dark matter and dark energy, some of the theories put forward to explain these enigmatic components of the universe, and the experiments built to test those ideas.
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