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Opening talk of the exhibition "Viatge cap a l'univers fosc"

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By: R, Ferreira; R. Luna; H. Witek (ICCUB)

Date/Time:divendres 20 Oct , 12:45

Place: Sala de graus antiga de física

Web: Virtual visit to the exhibition


The new exhibition "Viatge cap a l'Univers Fosc" will be displayed at the Physics Faculty of the Universitat de Barcelona from 19 october to 6 november. Three members of the ICCUB-FQA team that developed this work present the exhibition speaking about the dark universe.


  • Los secretos del cosmos (Ricardo Ferreira (ICCUB))
  • Black holes, the dark side of gravity, (Raimon Luna (ICCUB))
  • Gravitational waves: the universe’s symphony, (Helvi Witek (ICCUB))


The night sky is full of amazing images, which catch our eyes and blow our minds. However, there is much more out there: things that are waiting to be discovered. The exhibition Unravelling the dark universe proposes a journey towards the fascinating frontiers of cosmology and gravity, ranging from dark matter and dark energy, to black holes and gravitational waves.

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