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Transit of Venus 2012

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Information about the transit

Information on transits in general and on this transit in particular.

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Live Webcast

The webcast of the transit of Venus from the Svalbard islands (Norway) and from Barcelona.

Transit in the Media

Transit report


On this page we make available to schools in Catalonia a set of activities on astronomical distances. This activities, prepared by members of the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology at the University of Barcelona, can be develop with their assistance. After assessing the activities undertaken by different centers, Parc Astronňmic Montsec and the Departament d'Atronomia i Meteorologia of the Universitat of Barcelona have decided:

  • give the first prize to the participating group of the secondary school Lluís Vives from Sants
  • give a second prize to the participant group of the secondary school Serrallarga from Blanes

The transits of XXI'st century and the History of transits

The transit 2012 is the second and last transit that can be seen in this century. The former one was webcast from Catalonia in June 2004. Historieta eng.jpgclick

Scientific Rellevance

Althougth they have lost the scientific rellevance that they had in the past, they are still important phenomena because of their exceptionality.

Transit FAQ's

How can you observe a transit? When is the next transit? See these and other frequently asked questions about transits on this page


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