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ServiPartícules, a new outreach portal from ICCUB

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Cosmology, gravitation, particle physics, atomic physics and nuclear physics are the topics to be treated in a disseminating way in the new portal of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB (ICCUB): ServiPartícules.

The aim is to help both the general public and the students and lecturers of primary and secondary education to broaden their knowledge on these fields of physics. To reach this, the portal aims to give more visibility to the amount of dissemination activities in which many members of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences are taking part, so that people can easily access to the materials they create.

To work as a good searching tool and to check resources, the content of the portal is categorized under areas and type of resource. According to the type, these are divided into three big areas: news, activities, and dissemination materials. The new website expands the former dissemination portal from the Experimental Group of Particle Physics of the UB Descobrint la Física de Partícules amb l'LHC' ( and completes the astronomy portal ' ServiAstro' from ICCUB and the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics.

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