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Occultation of Saturn on 22nd May 2007


On 22nd May 2007 the occultation of Saturn by the Moon took place. The disc of the crescent Moon passed between the Earth and the ringed planet, covering it for the terrestrial observers. In Barcelona, the event happened between 19:37 UT , moment when the planet desappeared behind the Moon, and 20:35 UT , when it reappeared, at the other side of our satellite.

Images sent by internet surfers:

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Instants immediatament posteriors a la reaparició de Saturn
Instants immediately after the reappearance of Saturn from behind the Moon
Aurélie Daniel (Barcelona). Telescope C8 and digital camera (afocal projection).

Aspecte de Saturn un temps després del final de l'ocultació
Look of Saturn a time after the end of the occultation
Aurélie Daniel (Barcelona). Telescope C8 and digital camera (afocal projection).


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