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N. Miret: "Amb A d'astr˛noma. Guided tour with commentaries"

Talks in educative centers
Exhibition "Amb A d'astr˛noma"


Picture: exhibition "Amb A d'astr˛noma"

By: N˙ria Miret - (ICCUB (IEEC-UB))

Date: 16/07/2017

Time: - 12:00

Place: Museu Palau Mercader. CornellÓ de Llobregat.

Context: Exposiciˇ Amb A d'astr˛noma al Museu Palau Mercader (25/06/2017-03/09/2017)

Organizes: Museu Palau Mercader


Entrevista amb N˙ria Miret a RÓdio CornellÓ (catalan):



This activity aims to make visible the importance of women in Astronomy.

It is addressed to family audience and reviews the milestones of astrophysics, in a female key. This talk wants to encourage women to develop scientific careers.

This is an exhibition of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona. N˙ria Miret is a master student and an assistant researcher at this Institute.

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