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M. Romero: "Quant de lluny estan els altres mons? Mesurant distàncies còsmiques"

Talks at educational centres

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Image: exhibition "Les Distàncies Còsmiques" (ICCUB)

By: Mercè Romero - (ICCUB (IEEC-UB))

Date: 02/06/2017

Time: - 20:00- 21:00

Place: Sala d’actes del Centre Cultural del Casino de Manresa.

Context: ---

Organizes: Associació Astronòmicade Manresa



As celestial objects are further away from our position, techniques or methods to measure distances from them change. We will review the variety of techniques depending on whether you measure distances to solar system objects, objects close to the Sun, the Galaxy objects and even to galaxies.

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