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Talks by Licia Verde


LV Humanidades.jpg
" XIII_HUMANIDADES La energía oscura" (2010) (Spanish)

LV Humanidades2.jpg
"XIII_HUMANIDADES La energía oscura" (2009) (Spanish)

LV onesta.jpg
"131030 On està el 96 per 100 de l'univers ?" (PEssics de Ciència) (2013) (Spanish)

LV Origins.jpg
"Origins 2013: Licia Verde" (2013) (English)

LV Euclid.jpg
"Euclid Hangout #2: Euclid and neutrinos" (2013) (English)

LV Precision.jpg
"Precision cosmology turns 20. SISSA" (2013) (English)

"InterviEWASS 2015: Licia Verde on CMB and cosmology" (2015) (English)

LV Observational.jpg
"Beyond the Power Spectrum of the Density Fileld (XI RC SEA)" (2007) (English)

LV Observational.jpg
"Observational cosmology: why should you care?" (2014) (English)

LV cosmology.jpg
"Cosmology" (2013) (English)

LV Probing.jpg
"Probing the Large Scale Universe" (2016) (English)

LV CosmoStatistics 1.jpg
"CosmoStatistics Day 1 (Part 1)" (2016) (English)

LV CosmoStatistics 12.jpg
"CosmoStatistics Day 1 (Part 2)" (2016) (English)

LV CosmoStatistics 2.jpg
"CosmoStatistics Day 2 (Part 1)" (2016) (English)

LV CosmoStatistics 22.jpg
"CosmoStatistics Day 2 (Part 2)" (2016) (English)

LV CosmoStatistics 3.jpg
"CosmoStatistics Day 3 (Part 1)" (2016) (English)

LV CosmoStatistics 31.jpg
"CosmoStatistics Day 3 (Part 2)" (2016) (English)

LV CosmoStatistics 4.jpg
"CosmoStatistics Day 4" (2016) (English)

LV Statistical.jpg
"Statistical techniques for data analysis in Cosmology. (Lecture 1)" (2011) (English)

LV Statistical 2.jpg
"Statistical techniques for data analysis in Cosmology. (Lecture 2)" (2011) (English)

LV Statistical 3.jpg
"Statistical techniques for data analysis in Cosmology. (Lecture 3)" (2011) (English)

LV Statistics.jpg
"Statistics (Lecture 1)" (2014) (English)

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