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Itineration of the Exhibition"Mil millones de ojos para mil millones de estrellas", Spanish version



Coming Ubications:

Past Ubications:


  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
    • Dates: all year

  • Galicia :

    • Dates: 10 de september a 30 de november
    • Ubication: Colexio Compañía de María de A Coruña.
    • Talk by Minia Manteiga to the students of 4th ESO. Astronomy and Gaia activities to all the students.
    • Photos

    • Dates: 14 a 21 May
    • Ubication: IES de Manuela Rial Mouzo Cee (A Coruña).
    • Talk by Minia Manteiga to the ESO students

    • Dates: 30 April al 13 de May
    • Ubication: IES Fernando Blanco de Cee (A Coruña).
    • Talk to students by M. Manteiga.

    • Dates: 7-11 April
    • Ubication: IES de Beade (Vigo).
    • Talk by Esther Pérez

    • Dates: 31 March to 4 April
    • Ubication: Colexio Martín Códax de Vigo

    • Dates: 24 to 27 March
    • Ubication: Colexio Rosalía Castro de Vigo.
    • Talk by Ana Ulla to the students of 6th of primary school and 1st of ESO

    • Dates:17-21 March
    • Ubication: Colexio Amor de Dios de Vigo

    • Dates:7-14 March 2014
    • Ubication: Facultat de Ciències de la Universidade de Vigo


  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
    • Dates: December 15, 2013January 15 2014
    • Material:Photo
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