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Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

Animation of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 2017 August 21


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Always remember watching the sun without taking appropriate precautions may cause serious eye injuries that can even lead to permanent loss of vision.

Total eclipse begin in the north of the Pacific Ocean, will cross the United States of America and end in Cape Verde, in the Atlantic Ocean.


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Images taken from EUA by Eduard Masana [ICCUB (IEEC-UB)]

Eclipse visibility

Eclipse will be seen as partial throughout USA, Centre of America, north of South America, a part of Western Europe, North Africa and a part of Northeast of Russia.


Eclipse will be seen as partial from a part of the Iberian Peninsula. The Northwest, near Vigo will be the better place to view the eclipse, with a 14% of occultation.

Both lines give the limit of visibility of the eclispe.
From places at the left of the orange line they will be able to see the eclipse in its theoretical maximum.
From places at the right of the purple line they won't be able to see the eclipse because of the Sunset.

From most of Catalonia they won't be able to see the eclipse because of the sunset.

Links with the characteristics of the eclipse everywhere:

Map of the eclipse

Ecliptic Conjunction= 18:31:19.5 TU

Greatest Eclipse= 18:26:40.3 TU

Eclipse Magnitud = 1.0306

Gamma =0.4367

Saros Series = 145

Member= 220 de 77


Image of the characteristics of the eclipse. F. Spenak

Circumstances of the Greatest Eclipse

Lat. = 36º 58N Long. = 87º 40.3'W
Alt. Sun= 63.9º Azm. Sun = 197.9º
Path Width = 114.7 Km Duration = 02m 40.1s

Contacts of umbra

Contact I Starting partiality. The disc of the Moon is externally tangent to the Sun. I =16:48:36.1 TU
Contact II Starting totality. The disc of the Moon is internally tangent to the disc of the Sun. II = 16:49:36.1 TU
Contact III End of totality. The disc of the moon is internally tangent again . But to the other side. III = 20:01:39.6 TU
Contact IV End of partiality. The disc of the moon is externally tangent again. But to the other side. IV =20:02:34.4 TU

Eclipse broadcast

Observational Methods

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