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Total Lunar eclipse, 15th June 2011


Live broadcast

On wednesday 15th June 2011 a total lunar eclipse will be partially visible from the whole Iberian Peninsula and both Balearic and Canary Islands. The Moon will rise completely eclipsed. We will be able to observe part of the totality phase (the more the further East) and the subsequent partiality phase, until the moon leaves the Earth's shadow. In the Balearic Islands and in some places Northeast of the Peninsula, the Moon will rise a few minutes before the start of the totality. The rise of the Moon will coincide with the sunset, so part of the totality will be observed on the twilight.

All phases of the eclipse will be visible from the Eastern half of Africa, parts of Asia and Western Pacific.

To enjoy a good observation we need a good visibility on the South-East horizon.

Phase Instant (TU)
Penumbral phase beginsl (P1)
Partial Phase begins(U1)
Totality phase begins (U2)
Maximum 20:14
Totality phase ends (U3) 21:03
Partiality phase ends (U4)
Penombral phase ends (P4)

The following figures (F. Espenak, NASA's GSFC) show the path of the Moon through the penumbra and umbra and an Earth map showing the regions of eclipse visibility.




Moonrise times in Spanish cities (data taken from the Anuario del Observatorio Astronómico 2011, published by the Instituto Geográfico Nacional):

Town Moonrise (TU) Town Moonrise (TU)
A Coruña 19h 59m Lleida 19h 23m
Alacant 19h 27m Madrid 19h 40m
Albacete 19h 33m Málaga 19h 43m
Almería 19h 35m Melilla 19h 37m
Ávila 19h 44m Murcia 19h 30m
Badajoz 19h 53m Ourense 19h 57m
Barcelona 19h 17m Oviedo 19h 49m
Bilbao 19h 37m Palencia 19h 43m
Burgos 19h 40m Palma de Mallorca 19h 15m
Cáceres 19h 51m Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 20h 28m
Cádiz 19h 50m Pamplona / Iruña 19h 32m
Castelló de la Plana 19h 25m Pontevedra 20h 00m
Ceuta 19h 46m Salamanca 19h 48m
Ciudad Real 19h 41m Santa Cruz de Tenerife 20h 31m
Córdoba 19h 44m Santander 19h 40m
Cuenca 19h 34m Segovia 19h 42m
Donostia 19h 33m Sevilla 19h 49m
Girona 19h 14m Soria 19h 35m
Granada 19h 40m Tarragona 19h 20m
Guadalajara 19h 38m Teruel 19h 30m
Huelva 19h 53m Toledo 19h 41m
Huesca 19h 27m València 19h 27m
Jaén 19h 40m Valladolid 19h 44m
León 19h 48m Vitoria - Gasteiz 19h 36m
Logroño 19h 35m Zamora 19h 48m
Lugo 19h 55m Zaragoza 19h 29m



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