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About the Eclipse


The first of two total lunar eclipses in 2007 is unique in that it is partly visible from every continent around the world. During the night of the 3 March 2007 a total Lunar eclipse will be visible from Spain. It will be also visible from the rest of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Western Asia. From America some Eclipse phases will be also visible, as the Moon will be rising after the Eclipse begins. In the rest of Asia the oppossite will be happening as the Moon will set before totality.

Eclipse starts at 20:18 UT , when the Moon is entering the Earth penumbra. First contact with the umbra take place at 21:30 UT and totality begin at 22:44 UT , lasting for 73 minutes. At 23:57 UT totality finish, and at 01:11 UT partial eclipse will be finishing too. Second penumbra phase, last until 02:23 UT . Add one hour to ( UT ) to get Spanish peninsular time.

Contacts Time UT
Penumbral phase Begins (P1) 20:18:11
Partial phase Begins (U1) 21:30:22
Totality phase Begins (U2) 22:44:13
Eclipse Maximum (central) 23:20:56
Totality phase Ends (U3) 23:57:37
Partial phase Ends (U4) 01:11:28
Penumbral phase Ends (P4) 02:23:44

This is the eclipse number 52 of Saros series 123 , and it takes place in Leo, in the descendent node of the Moon's orbit. This eclipse occurs near apogee thus the Moon will appear smaller than ussually.

Technical data for the Total Lunar Eclipse 03/03/07, from NASA Eclipse Home Page

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