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Astronomy Project "Finestres al cel, una mirada a l'univers"

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The project

Date: 27/06/2016-02/07/2016

Place: MónNatura Pirineus

Team: Laia Casamiquela, Víctor Moreno, Ignasi Pérez, Santi Roca-Fàbrega


Is the Universe infinite? How to take photographs of the rings of Saturn? This project will work with a representative part of the research fields of astronomy and we will focus mainly on theoretical astrophysics and astrophotography. Observing and studying astrophysical objects and phenomena: the Sun, the planets, asteroids, planets orbiting other stars ... you will learn the basics of positional astronomy, the basic operation of solar physics, celestial dynamics, and of astroparticle of astrobiology, cosmology, radio astronomy and computational physics.

Project led by researchers of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (IEEC-ICCUB)

Joves i Ciència

Project "Finestres al cel: una mirada a l'Univers" is part of the Programa joves i ciència. Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera which aim is encourage young people's interest in science. It is addressed fifty 4th ESO students of Catalonia who, for three years, have the opportunity to live the scientific research.


The programme has a three year duration:

50 4th ESO students are selected to live the scientific research at MónNatura Pirineus, working in one of the 5 projects led by first line researchers and spending 13 days in very idyllic place.

For summer from 1st to 2nd of batxillerat they live the scientific research in a scientific research laboratory or they participate in a International Science programme.

Finally, participants deal with the challenge of carrying out a research project in a local research centre or in a international science program.
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