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Links about the Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st February 2008


Informative Webpages:

  1. NASA Eclipse Home Page
  2. Mr. Eclipse
  3. Eclipses on the webpage
  4. Department of Astronomy of the University Complutense of Madrid
  6. United States Naval Observatory

Other Webcasts:

  1. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  2. Grupo SAROS (From Gran Canaria - Canary Islands)
  3. Asociación Astronómica del Corredor del Henares (Madrid)
  4. Astronet (Netherlands)
  5. Sterrenkids (Netherlands)
  6. MIRA Observatory (Belgium)
  7. Copernicus (Netherlands)
  8. Lunarobservers (Peter Grego, Birmingham, UK)
  9. Klipsi (Switzerland)
  10. Eclipse-live (Germany)
  11. Il cielo in diretta (Italy)
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