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Information about the Eclipse


On 7th February 2008 an Annular Solar Eclipse will take place. It will be visible from a corridor born at Eastern Antarctica, which will cross the Antarctic Ocean and die at the Pacific Ocean. Observers from the rest of Antarctica - except the Antarctica Peninsula -, New Zealand and Eastern Australia will see the eclipse as partial.

Partiality will start at 01:38 UT , with the first contact of the Earth with Moon's penumbral shadow, in an area of the Antarctic Ocean, to the Southeast of the Cape of Good Hope. The first contact with Moon's antumbra will take place at 03:20 UT at the base of the Antarctic Peninsula. At this moment and place the annularity will start.

At 03:55 UT the eclipse centre will happen, in a zone of Antarctic Ocean at the Pacific side. At this moment, visibility track of the annular eclipse will be 444 kilometers wide. The annular phase will finish at 04:31 UT, when the antumbra of the Moon stop being in contact with the surface of our planet. The second part of partiality will last until 06:12 UT, and will be visible during these last hours from the East of Australia, New Zealand,New Caledonia and Fiji Islands, among other places.

Instant Hora TU
First contact with penumbra (P1) 01:38:29
First contact with antumbra (U1) 03:19:43
First complete contact with antumbra (U2) 03:28:45
Màxim (centre) de l'eclipsi 03:55:06
Last complete contact with antumbra (U3) 04:22:00
Last contact with antumbra (U4) 04:30:55
Last contact with penumbra (P4) 06:11:55

This eclipse is the 60th of Saros series 121, which counts 71 events and will last until the year 2026.

Fitxa tècnica de l'eclipsi anular de Sol del 07/02/08
Annular Solar Eclipse technical card, 07-02-2008, from the NASA Eclipse Home Page


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