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Annular Solar Eclipse on 20th May 2012

This eclipse will be not visible from Catalunya (Spain)

On May 20 2012, an annular Solar eclipse begins over Southeast China and crosses over Japan. When the eclipse crosses the International Date Line, the local date becomes May 20. The eclipse then enters the California/Oregon border, crosses in the late afternoon over Nevada, Utah, Arizona, a corner of Colorado, New Mexico, and ends at sunset in Texas.

The eclipse will be visible as partial in Asia, North of Pacific Ocean and North America. It will begin as parcial on 20th of May at 20h56m UT at a point in the Pacific Ocean, East of the Philippines and will end on 21st at 2h49m TU at latitude +22.8 ° at a point in the Pacific Ocean, West of the Peninsula of California (Mexic). The total duration of the phenomenon is 353 minutes (just under six hours).

The annular eclipse will start at 22h6m TU (6h6m to local time in China on May 21) at latitude 19.9 ° in the Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea, cross the autonomous regions of Southeastern China, including Hong Kong and Guangzhou, North of Taiwan, Southeast of Japan, will cross the Pacific Ocean and then into North America through Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. It will end on the 21st at 1h39m in Texas near the city of Midland. The maximum of the annular eclipse will be at 23h53m in the Pacific Ocean, latitude and longitude +176.3 +49.1 º º South of the Aleutian Islands. Tokyo the whole length is 5 min 4 s, close to its maximum. The maximum magnitude of the eclipse will be 0.94 and the maximum duration of 5 min 46 s.


Fases TUSorted ascending Latitude Longitude
End of annular eclipse 01h39m 31h44' -102h10'
End of general eclipse 02h49m 22h48' -124h17'
Begin of general eclipse 20h56m 10h53' 131h04'
Begin of annular eclipse 22h06m 19h57' 109h40'
Maximum of the eclipse 23h53m 49h05' 176h17'
Conjuntion in Right Asc. 23h59m 49h32' 176h24'

Caracteristics of the eclipse in its maximum
Duration of the annular phase 5m 46s
Widht of umbra 337 km
Ratio between topocentric radius of the Moon and the Sun 94,4%
Magnitude of the annular eclipse 0,944


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