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Anular Solar Ecplise, 3rd october 2005, Broadcast


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The Department of Astronomy and Meteorology of the Universitat de Barcelona broadcasted this annular eclipse from three places: Barcelona, Quesa (Valencia) - in collaboration with Parc Astronōmic Montsec - and Formentera.

Parcial Eclipse
Quesa/ Bicorp
Anular Eclipse
Anular Eclipse
imatgeBCN.jpg imatgeVAL.jpg imatgeFOR.jpg

Contact I: 7:43:51

Contact I: 7:41:50

Contact I: 7:43:13

Contact II: 8:59:19

Contact II: 9:02:20

Max.: 9:03:39

Max.: 9:01:24

Max.: 9:03:56

Contact III: 9:03:29

Contact III: 9:05:32

Contact II: 10:30:42

Contact IV: 10:28:56

Contact IV: 10:32:32

Mag.: 0.884

Mag.: 0.974

Mag.: 0.961

Enf.: 83.6%

Enf.: 90.5%

Enf.: 90.5%

All date are in UT (Universal Time).

ASE2005map5b petit.gif

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