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Eclipse Details



The next Monday 3rd of October,2005 it will take place a solar annular eclipse. This eclipse will be visible in a strip of the Península Ibérica and in the African continent. This eclipse will be "partial" in the rest of Europe and most of Africa and Asia.

ASE2005map1b petit.GIF

The route of the annular eclipse begins at the North Atlantic at 8:41 UT and it will take south-east direction to reach the land in the Península Ibérica, specifically in Galicia and the north of Portugal (8:51 UT). Then the route thru the Peninsula will touch Madrid (8:56 UT) where the annular phase will last a bit more than 4 minutes.

The annular eclipse strip will leave the Peninsula by the Cape de la Nao (País Valencia) to continue on the Mediterranean Sea. It will touch the island of Formentera and the south side of Ibisa, reaching Africa in Algeria (9:05 UT) where the annular phase will last 3m51s. The shadow will continue towards the south of Tunisia, the center of Libya, and the north of Tchad until arriving to the center of Sudan where the longest duration takes place (4m51s at 10:31:42 UT).

The route continues by the south frontier between Sudan and Ethiopia, going to Kenya (Lake Rudolf 11:10 UT) and going to the Indic Ocean by the south of Somalia (11:30 UT). The path of the shadow ends in the Indic Ocean with the local sunset (12:22 UT).

With regard to the observation in the Peninsula Iberica and Baleares the route of the eclipse will be as follows:

ASE2005map5b petit.GIF

Extracted from - F. Espenak, NASA,GSFC

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