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Dark Matter - Roundtable at Physics Faculty

Talks in educational centres


Date: 31/11/2019


  • Licia Verde, ICREA-ICCUB
  • Francesca Figueras, ICCUB [IEEC-UB]
  • Mark Gieles, ICREA-ICCUB
  • Cristian Cogollos, ICCUB
  • Nicola Bellomo (ICCUB)

Place: Aula Magna Enric Casassas, Facultat de Física UB

Language: CA/ES/EN

Context: Dark Matter Day

Roundtable on the occasion of the celebration of 'Dark Matter Day' where different aspects of the research on this subject in our Institute will be presented briefly in order to disuss them in a round of questions and a debate between the attendees and the researchers.

  • Premio Nobel de la física 2019 a Jim Peebles, Licia Verde
  • Gaia i les evidències de matèria fosca a la Via Làctia, Francesca Figueras
  • A new way to measure the dark matter density in dwarf galaxies, Mark Gieles
  • ¿Cómo detectar materia oscura?, Cristian Cogollos
  • Chair Nicola Bellomo

Online document to send the questions previusly

Dark Matter Day

Throughout the month of October, the world will celebrate the historic hunt for the unseen—something that scientists refer to as dark matter.

Since 2017, more than 159 global, regional, and local events have been held on and around October 31 by institutions and individuals looking to engage the public in discussions about what we already know about dark matter and the many present as well as planned experiments seeking to solve its mysteries.


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