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C. Jordi: "Round Table: Dones Pioneres"

Talks in educational centres

CFAVictorCatala diptic ext.jpg

Image: Activity Diptych.

By: Carme Jordi Nebot - (ICCUB (IEEC-UB))

Date: 08/03/2018

Time: 17:00-19:00

Place: Centre de Formació d’Adults Víctor Catalŕ, Centre Penitenciari Brians 2. Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Martorell).

Context: 8 March- International Day of Women

Organizes: Centre de Formació d’Adults Víctor Catalŕ

Web: Web of CFA Víctor Catalŕ

Díptic full exterior , Díptic full interior

Activity with telescopes at Brians 2 , june 2018


Round table with the participation of:

Carme Jordi i Nebot, astrophysicist

Ylenia Sánchez, football referee

Alicia Montoro, firefighter

Mariola Dinarés, journalist

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