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CHEOPS Contest for children between ages 8 and 14

Send your drawing into space!

The contest

ESA and its mission partners are inviting children to submit 3.000 black and white drawings inspired by the mission that will be miniaturised and engraved on two plaques that will be put on the satellite.

CHEOPS-Malbild 400.jpg

┐Who can take part?

Children between the ages of 8 and 14 from any ESA member state or cooperating state can be part of this otherworldly enterprise by creating a drawing inspired by the mission.

250 drawings will came from spanish children,. The IEEC, in collaboration with the CSIC and the IAC, coordinates the collection of drawings in Spain.


Receiving drawings will open September 9, 2015 and will close on October 20, 2015, will be the last day (postmarked) in which the drawings may be accepted.

More information

Check the official contest page

┐What is CHEOPS?

CHEOPS Papiermodell3-1.jpg

CHEOPS is a space mission that belongs to the Cosmic Vision program of the European Space Agency ( ESA) and is expected to be launched in 2017. The main objective of this space telescope is to find small planets like our Earth study them in detail.

CHEOPS will look for transits of planets (ie, small eclipses) using a technique called very high precision photometry, which consists of measuring the brightness of the star every few seconds to detect a decline when the planet passes in front of disc of the star.

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