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Approximation of Mars to the Earth


For several months, Mars has been situated in one of the closest to the Earth possible positions. It has been the closest approximation since Neanderthal times.

Images of Mars:

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Hubble Space Telescope

Mart pel Hubble

Image of Mars on 27th August (closest approximation).
(Courtesy of NASA and the STScI)

David Fernández-Barba ( University of Barcelona )

Comparació entre una fotografia de Mart i l'aspecte previst pel  programa Guide 7

Composition of two images of Mars: a photograph taken with a digital camera coupled with a telescope (left sector), and its forecast appearance according to the program Guide 7.

Joan Pedrol i Petit

Vista de Mart des de les instal·lacions d'un càmping

Mars sight taken with a digital camera from Sant Pere Pescador (Costa Brava) the day of closest approximation.

Juan Carlos Casado

Mart des d'un telescopi del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias

Image obtained with webcam in the telescope of 50 cm property of the University of Mons (Belgium), situated at the Teide Observatory of the ( IAC ) on 27th August 2003.
Processing: Juan Carlos Casado with the software Registax.


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