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Astronomical Agenda for 2007


Remarkable events

Mars opposition on Crhistmas Eve

This year 2007, clearly the most impressive astronomical event on Christmas is the opposition of Mars

Geminides 2007

Not availabel in english.

Forecast for the Perseids 2007

The most famous among star showers is one of the most important of this year again

Information about the occultation of Venus on June 18th

It showed promise as a wonderful sight, but the weather made it difficult to observe it everywhere in Spain...

Jupiter's opposition the night from June 5th to 6th 2007 (English version not available)

The best moment to observe the king of planets

Occultation of Saturn on May 22nd 2007

Collection of images sent by you!

Information and broadcast of the total Lunar Eclipse of 3rd March 2007

Exhaustive treatment of the phenomenon: live broadcast, general information: times, features and visibility zones, interesting measurements regarding the lunar craters, a complete compilation of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and links to other broadcasts and information pages.



Changes of season

Date Exact hour
Spring 21st March 00h 07m UT
Summer 21st June 18h 06m UT
Autumn 23rd September 09h 51m UT
Winter 22nd December 06h 08m UT

Sunrise and sunset hours for any place (Calculation tool in javascript).

Earth's orbit

Date Distance to the Sun
Perihelion (minimum distance) 3rd January 147.093.466 km
Afhelion (maximum distance) 6th July 152.097.108 km


Lunar phases

New Moon Crescent Moon Full Moon Waning Moon
03/01/2007 11/01/2007  
19/01/2007 25/01/2007 02/02/2007 10/02/2007  
17/02/2007 24/02/2007 03/03/2007 12/03/2007  
19/03/2007 25/03/2007 02/04/2007 10/04/2007  
17/04/2007 24/04/2007 02/05/2007 10/05/2007  
16/05/2007 23/05/2007 01/06/2007 08/06/2007  
15/06/2007 22/06/2007 30/06/2007 07/07/2007  
12/08/2007 20/08/2007 28/08/2007 04/09/2007  
11/09/2007 19/09/2007 26/09/2007 03/10/2007
11/10/2007 19/10/2007 26/10/2007 01/11/2007
09/11/2007 17/11/2007 24/11/2007 01/12/2007
09/12/2007 17/12/2007 24/12/2007 31/12/2007

Orbit of the moon

Perigee (minimum distance Apogee (maximum distance)
22 January 19 February 19 March 10 January 7 February 7 March
17 April 15 May 12 June 3 April 30 April 27 May
9 July 4 August 31 August 24 June 22 July 19 August
28 September 26 October 24 November 15 September 13 October 9 November
22 December     6 December    

Information about the planets ( UT ):


Day Hour Event
7th January 06h Superior Conjuction
7th February 18h Max. East elongation (18.2º)
23rd February 05h Inferior Conjuction
22nd March 02h Max. West elongation (27.7º)
3rd May 04h Superior Conjuction
2nd June 10h Max. East elongation (23.4º)
28th June 18h Inferior Conjuction
20th July 15h Max. West elongation (20.3º)
15th August 20h Superior Conjuction
29th September 16h Max. East elongation (26.0º)
24th October 00h Inferior Conjuction
8th November 20h Max. West elongation (19.0º)
17th December 15h Superior Conjuction


Day Hour Event
9th June 04h Max. East elongation (45.4º)
18th August 04h Inferior Conjuction
28th October 16h Max. East elongation (45.4º)


Day Hour Event
24th December 20h Opposition


Day Hour Event
6th June 00h Opposition
23rd December 07h Conjuction


Day Hour Event
10th February 18h Opposition
21st August 23h Conjuction


Day Hour Event
6th March 00h Conjuction
10th September 03h Opposition


Day Hour Event
8th February 10h Conjuction
13th August 11h Opposition


Solar Eclipses

Type Day Hour of the maximum Visibility
Partial 19th March 02h 31m UT Eastern half of Asia and Alaska
Partial 11th September 12h 34m UT Southern half of South America and a part of Antarctica

Lunar Eclipses

Type Day Hour of the maximum Visibility
Total 3rd March 23h 24m UT Europe, Africa, Middle East, Western Asia and Eastern America
Total 28th August 10h 37m UT Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Eastern Asia and Western America

Other Events

Meteor Showers

Name Days of activity Maximum ZHR
Quadrantids 1st-5th January 4th January 120
Lirids 16th-24th April 22nd April 18
η-Aquarids 19th April - 28th May 6th May 60
δ-Aquarids 12th July - 19th August 28th July 20
Perseids 17th July - 24th August 13th August 100
Draconids 6th-10th October 9th October variable (storm?)
Orionids 2nd October - 7th November 21st October 23
Taurids 1st October - 25th November 12th November 5
Leonids 10th-23rd November 18th November 15+
α-Monocerotids 15th-25th November 22nd November variable (a maximum is expected)
Geminids 7th-17th December 14th December 120
Ursids 17th-26th December 23rd December 10

These data have mainly been obtained from the Planetary Phenomena 2007 from NASA, the OAN and the ROA , and from the calendars of the IMO .


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