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"Participating in the Lindau Nobel meeting"



Antonia Micol Frassino


  • Source: La Republica
  • By Antonia Micol Frassino, investigadora de l'Institut de Cičncies del Cosmos, ICCUB
  • Context: Encuentros con Nobels de Lindau
  • Language: IT

Link with the article in La Repubblica

*Antonia Micol Frassino*, post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences explains in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica her participation in the Lindau Nobel meeting.

Antonia studies the solutions of Einstein's equations that describe space-time, she tries to solve the paradoxes related to black holes and general relativity.

The annual meetings of scientists awarded the Nobel Prize with young researchers are held in Lindau (Germany) since 1951 with the aim of promoting the exchange of different generations, cultures and disciplines. In this year's edition that runs from May 30 to June 5, 30 Nobel will meet with 600 young researchers.

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