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Astronomy outreach
of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences and the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics of the University of Barcelona

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Lots of activities!

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“L'observació d'ones gravitatòries i forats negres a l'univers per LIGO”
J. Miralda, Ateneu de Rubí (21/06/2017)

III Internacional Conference LPTMM on Light Pollution in Cellers, Lleida

The latest asteroid discovered at Fabra Observatory is named after the UB professor Jorge Núñez

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Astronomy on the Radio:
"La missió Juno" (in Catalan)
J.M Carrasco, Ràdio Sant Boi, (28/06/2017)

August 21
Total Solar Eclipse


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Travelling exhibitions google-calendar-icon-17519.png Calendar Travelling

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Exhibition "De la Terra a l'Univers"

Exhibition "Amb A d'AstrònomA"

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Exhibition "Les distàncies còsmiques"

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Exhibition "Mil milions d'ulls per a mil milions d'estrelles"

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Exhibition "Telescopi Assumpció Català"

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Altres exposicions gestionades per ICCUB-FQA

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