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Astronomy outreach
of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences and the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics of the University of Barcelona

Astronomy on the Radio:
"El reconeixement de les dones, el forat negre de l'astronomia" (08/09/2019)
C. Jordi, F. Figueras, Catalunya RÓdio

"Mˇdulo lunar LEGO de las misiones Apollo" (22/06/2018) (Spanish)

Astronomy in the Media:
ICCUB researchers talk about 50 years of the arrival of man on the Moon. X. Luri, J.M. Carrasco (16-17/07/2019)

Gaia starts mapping the galactic bar in the Milky Way

2020 Astronomical Agenda Available

"ServipartÝcules, a new outreach portal from ICCUB"

+ Activities

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Travelling exhibitions google-calendar-icon-17519.png Calendar

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Exhibition "Viatge cap a l'univers fosc"

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Exhibition "De la Terra a l'Univers"

Exhibition "Amb A d'Astr˛nomA"

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Exhibition "Les distÓncies c˛smiques"

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Exhibition "Mil milions d'ulls per a mil milions d'estrelles"
3 possibles itineraries

TelescopiCatala Catala.jpg
Exhibition "Telescopi Assumpciˇ CatalÓ"

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Other exhibitions managed by ICCUB-FQA


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