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Introduction to the documentary «16 levers de soleil»


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By: Institut de Ciències del Cosmos de la Universitat de Barcelona

Date: 18/06/2019

Time: 19:30

Place: Auditorium del Institut français de Barcelona, Carrer de Moià, 8, en Barcelona.

3€ online http://evenements.ifbcn.cat/?F=629

FRANCE | 2018 | VOS | Documentary | 118 m | Thomas Pesquet

Screening of the documentary «16 levers de soleil» about the experience of French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Introductory talk and colloquium with José Manuel Carrasco, researcher of the Gaia Space Mission at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona.

Take off through space. It is this dream that Thomas Pesquet made, taking off from the base of Baïkonour. 450 kilometers from Earth, for six months, where the world seems to be falling into the unknown. A dialogue between the astronaut and the visionary work of Saint-Exupéry that was taken to the International Space Station. "

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