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Debate: "Vida en altres planetes"


Talks in educative centres

Planeta extrasolar y satelite similar a la tierra.jpg

Representación artística de exoplanetas.
Credit: CC. Lucianomendez

By: Josep Manel Carrasco, Institut de Cičncies del Cosmos (ICCUB) & Francesc Vilardell, Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC)

Date: 27/10/2019

Time: 16:50

Public: older than 16 years

Context: 13th Science Fair


Place: Escenario Debates. Moll de la fusta, Barcelona


The debate will discuss the possibility of life existing in other parts of the Universe and what type of research is being conducted to discover and study exoplanets that may or may not host life. The debate will last for about 40 minutes.

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