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Astronomical agenda for 2010


Remarkable events

Triple Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus 2010/2011. (2nd January)

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Changes of season

Date Exact hour
Spring 20th March 17h 32m UT
Summer 21st June 11h 28m UT
Autumn 23rd September 03h 09m UT
Winter 21st December 23h 39m UT

Sunrise and sunset hours for any place (Calculation tool in javascript).

Earth's orbit

  Date Distance to the Sun
Perihelion (minimum distance) 3rd January 147.097.887 km
Afhelion (maximum distance) 6th July 152.096.601 km



15/01/2010 23/01/2010 30/01/2010 05/02/2010
14/02/2010 22/02/2010 28/02/2010 07/03/2010
15/03/2010 23/03/2010 30/03/2010 06/04/2010
14/04/2010 21/04/2010 28/04/2010 06/05/2010
14/05/2010 20/05/2010 27/05/2010 04/06/2010
12/06/2010 19/06/2010 26/06/2010 04/07/2010
11/07/2010 18/07/2010 26/07/2010 03/08/2010
10/08/2010 16/08/2010 24/08/2010 01/09/2010
08/09/2010 15/09/2010 23/09/2010 01/10/2010
07/10/2010 14/10/2010 23/10/2010 30/10/2010
06/11/2010 13/11/2010 21/11/2010 28/11/2010
05/12/2010 13/12/2010 21/12/2010 28/12/2010

Moon's orbit

Perigee (minimum distance) Apogee (maximum distance)
1st January 30th January 27th February 17th January 13th February 12th March
28th March 24th April 20th May 9th April 6th May 3rd June
15th June 13th July 10th August 1st July 29th July 25th August
8th September 6th October 3rd November 21st September 18th October 15th November
30th November 25th December 13th December

Information about the planets ( UT ):


Day Hour Event
4th January 19h Inferior Conjunction
27th January 05h Max. West elongation (24.8)
14th March 13h Superior Conjunction
8th April 23h Max. East elongation (19.3)
28th April 17h Inferior Conjunction
26th May 02h Max. West elongation (25.1)
28th June 12h Superior Conjunction   7th August 01h Max. East elongation (27.4)
3rd September 12h Inferior Conjunction
19th September 17h Max. West elongation (17.9)
17th October 01h Superior Conjunction
1st December 16h Max. East elongation (21.5)
20th December 01h Inferior Conjunction


Day Hour Event
11th January 21h Superior Conjunction
20th August 02h Max. East elongation (46.0)
29th October 01h Inferior Conjunction


Day Hour Event
29th January 19h Opposition


Day Hour Event
28th February 12h Conjunction
21st September 12h Opposition


Day Hour Event
22nd March 00h Opposition
1st October 00h Conjunction


Day Hour Event
17th March 15h Conjunction
22nd September 01h Opposition


Day Hour Event
14th February 17h Conjunction
20th August 03h Opposition


Solar Eclipses

Type Day Hour of the maximum Visibility
Annular 15th January 07h 10m UT Asia and a great part of Africa. The strip of annularity will pass through the center of Africa, the South of India, Myanmar and China.
Total 11th July 19h 30m UT Totality will cross a part of the Pacific, Chile and Argentina. It will be partial over the whole South of South America.

Lunar Eclipses

Type Day Hour of the maximum Visibility
Partial 26th June 11h 40m UT Eastern Asia, Australia, Pacific and Western America.
Total 21st December 08h 17m UT Visible from Europe

Other Events

Meteor showers

Name Days Maximum aprox Constelation around the radiant Meteors per hour (aprox)
Quadrantids 1-5 January 3 January Bootes 120
Lyrid 15-28 April 22 April Lyra 15
Eta-Aquarid 19 April - 28 May 6 May Aquarius 60
Arietid 22 May-2 July 7 June Aries 54
Delta Aquarid 12 july-19 August 28 July Aquarius 20
Perseids 17 July - 24 August 12 August Perseus 90
Orionids 2October-7 November 21 October Orion 20
Leonids 14 - 21 November 17 October Leo variable
Geminids 7 17 December 14 December Gemini 120


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